New MastersEdit

AJ19 icon Anna icon Creptio icon Isia icon Jeandelenoir iconLationel icon Lannderg icon Londemark icon

New AvatarsEdit

  • Super Tank AJ-19
  • Prince Al
  • Alien Animalis
  • Raincoat Anna
  • Beijing Opera Aqulattratroy
  • Brew-master Chan
  • Father Creptio
  • Maid Demona
  • Chief Dudunba
  • Grave Keeper Durion
  • Black Bear Glacive
  • General Hayshin
  • Sea Dragon Child Isia
  • Hell Hound Lenoir
  • Sky Knight Jirgal
  • Persian Katricia
  • Mind's Eye Kazu
  • Camp Ten Keurakadun
  • Pharaoh La Tionel
  • Dr.Lannderg
  • Devil Hunter Liolet
  • Crusader Lord Kamui
  • Steam Londemark
  • Implementation Lupinus
  • Honey Naozad
  • Sky Teen Noel
  • Snow White(Hime) Rinne
  • Little Red Riding Hood Paramos-chan
  • Breaker Stahlern
  • Dark Elf Sylvian
  • Silver Knight Vivarts
  • Lava Stone Volcano
  • Holy Guardian Wayne
  • Home Artist William
  • Shaman WoombaCumba
  • Totem Wrath Wucharkaka
  • Lollipop Yalanz
  • Witch Child Yami
  • Dead Man Yorlk
  • Amethyst Zurius

Bug FixesEdit

  • Master Related
    • Dundunba
      • W
        • Corrected tooltip which displayed magic damage instead of physical damage.
    • Yorlk
      • Q
        • Corrected damage when Q is used with passive effect.
      • E
        • Corrected effect not activating when E is used with passive effect.
      • R
        • Corrected tooltip for active
        • Corrected tooltip for passive
    • Aqulattratroy
      • R
        • Fixed bug that would put skill on cooldown when attempting to use, but would not activate.
    • William
      • E
        • Fixed skill to match text description
  • Game Related
    • Fixed error in content released at level 5.
      • Previously: Defender, Defender, Healer
      • Currently: Defender, Attacker, Healer
    • Fixed error in content released at level 17.
      • Previously: Butler, Abussha, Abussha
      • Currently: Butler, Abussha, Punisher



  • Requirements for Major Mode
    • Lowered to level 5 from level 10.
  • Lobby chat channel name change
    • Easier to find specified lobby chat.
      • How to navigate channel chats
        • Left-click in the bottom left corner in the game lobby screen 'main chat room (number)'.
        • Rooms that you can access when you left-click in the top right corner 'room selection' are now displayed.
        • Select the 'room name' or enter '/ j room name' in the chat bar.
        • Press enter and your room change will be complete.
  • New Equipment box added
    • 'Famous Story' equipment box added
    • New items added in 'Famous Story' equipment box
  • Master Trial Campaigns increased
    • Increased to 40 from 32 due to new Masters added.
    • Adjusted text explanations
      • Corrected and made easier to understand
  • BP Charge Function added
    • BP(Bright core Points) can now be charged to purchase content.

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